About Fajardesign

Welcome To Fajardesign Weblog, Fajardesign weblog is a space that presents a collection of character design. all the character designs here are made by a man named Fajar. character design here is very diverse with a variety of styles ranging from Japanese manga style and American style comics, too. of the human character until character monster funny, sweet, and scary. character design here may make you feel at home here and always visit this weblog whenever and wherever you are. hope you enjoy with his character design.

fajardesign is someone who specialized in character design. actually become a character designer is not the main job for him, this is only a side job. This time he still continued his study at one private university in the city cirebon.

::: Fajar's Bio : 

    NameRaden Mohamad Fajar Abdul Fatah
    Birth 16 Desember
    Favorite Program Photoshop
    Skill Character Design
    ArtWork Style Japanese Style (manga and Chibi's style), American Comics, Monster Design (cute, Funny, Spooky)
    Dreams Mangaka
    Maxim Try First Before Commenting

::: Awards
  • Hudoq "Mojiwar Champ Oktober 2009" on Mojizu.com [$ 100]
  • Santamonica "Mojiwar Champ January 2010" on Mojizu.com [$ 100]