Santamonica (ZombieLove)

Character Bio :
SantaMonica (ZombieLove)
Love Couple
13.3.3333 (right on the day of they death)
Tear out the heart!
The guy is very faithful to give up his heart taken out for his girlfriend :'(
Couple, Zombie, Dark, Goth
Artist Comment
In 2001, when Joseph Saryuf returned home to Jakarta after studying in Hamburg, Germany, he decided to become a full-time musician and starting to compose songs for his own music project. Not long after that, Joseph met Anindita, a fashion editor and freelance illustrator, and they formed a duo based on their similar taste in music and their love for analog sounds.

Established in 2003, Santamonica is the brainchild of duo Joseph Saryuf and Anindita. Described their sound as the musical version of a trip down to Alice In Wonderland adventures, it is an eclectic mixture of pop, bossanova, electronic, and classic waltz which drawing influences from Astrud Gilbeto, Antonio Jobim, My Bloody Valentine to classic Disney soundtracks.

Their music is distinguished by its multi-layered sound, Joseph's surreal guitar works and Anindita's unique voice and whimsical lyrics. These dynamic duo is also actively gracing various gigs and stages, gaining more followers with the bands unique sound and stage antics.

well,,, the conclusion santamonica is a band duo, instead of the original zombie, haha, I was one santamonica loyal fans, so I describe them character.
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Santamonica on Mojizu or Santamonica on Fajargallery or Santamonica on Flickr

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  1. Muchlisin says:

    Desainnya pake photoshop?

  2. Ini bagus sekaligus ngeri banget ya sob. Mudah2an kita gak kejadian kayak gini yaa.

  3. jhoni says:

    mantabbbbb!!!!!!!!!!langsung di moji ni?!?!?!?!?

  4. wow.. sebegitunya kah???
    ku persembahkan hati ku untuk mu..... wakakkakka...

  5. asek bener nih gambar,
    go to camp bray . . ..

  6. kereennnnn...coment balik ya sob.... :)

  7. ritz says:

    (。◕‿◕。) ciiip gan mantap nch... [desain ok]

  8. Itu baru cinta tak hanya dibibir...hehehe

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