Sheryl and Crowman

Character Bio :
Name Sheryl and Crowman
Category Love Couple
Birthday Halloween Day
Hometown Transylvania
Likes Dark, Halloween kiss style (i also want to know what it's like :p)
Dis-likes Light
Superpowers The Power of Darkness Love
Personality Couples who are faithful life and death, if one of them dies, couple joined in death by suicide.
Dark, Death, Goth, Halloween
Artist Comment
this one for halloween dark ;) --- sorry for my bad english --- and sorry I'm late :D
Other Profile
Sheryl and Crowman on Mojizu or Sheryl and Crowman on Fajargallery or Sheryl and Crowman on Flickr

9 Responses so far.

  1. halloween day nih kayaknya temanya sob...

  2. I love this designs bro,,,,

    Gaara !!!!!!!

  3. Kifni says:

    mantep nih sob...

    Garaa nih ye..:)

  4. ini nih yg namanya "Cinta Mati" ^-^

  5. rachmat says:

    ketika gaara kehilangan cintanya, huaa.... T_T

  6. cowok nya seram bro.... tapi penyanyang kayaknya.. :D

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