What was the last thing you built?

These days I am confused what to write, no previous planning. how about a minute intermezzo ok ..? should be ok, haha. Recently I had a dream to have a blog with a paid domain like a dot com or something, when can I have it ..?.  I don't have  money!, it was my main constraint. Well recently I'm saving up for that project, and has built a blog to use these paid domain. For that project  I learned about e commerce services so that no confusion when buying domain later, then really what is e commerce ..?  I tried looking into wikipedia and read the articles on e commerce and it has to do with the domain name on the internet (I think). Well still don't know much (still confused) hehe.

New blog is I built and developed now will be my fill with all my design work. So, this blog I'll make a design gallery and portfolio of my work. For friends who would like to see all the results of my work you can see it in a new blog later, because not all of my design work at the post on this blog. So wait for my new blog with top level domain, is coming soon buddy.

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