Santamonica MojiChamp!!!

After 4 rounds of hard and close, finally santamonica champion on mojiwar. a battle character designs from around the world, and santamonica right to hold mojichamp title. This is the second mojichamp for me on site. flasback slightly, let us look santamonica trip from rounds 1 until they was champion in supermatch.

The following is a map of battle when santamonica on supermatch : 

 # At Rounds 1, Santamonica met with Bubble Boy by Mikemitchel from US the legend of mojiwar, he was the first winner on mojiwar.

 # At Rounds 2, Santamonica met with pinger by ARTillery, a newcomer from Romania. Very close battle at the time, and the final score is a draw, and somehow for some reason santamonica advanced to Rounds 3

# At Rounds 3, Santamonica met with G Boy by Mikail from Indonesia. This is the 3rd round of civil war between fellow designers Indonesia, and also he's my friend.

# At SuperMatch (Final Round), Santamonica met RoseGhozt by inoreloaded from Indonesia. and back again civil war among designers Indonesia in the finals and he's my best blogger friend (I know after reading an article about mojizu  an he wrote on his  blog)

Finally I am very grateful to my friend all the bloggers who have participated to help and give vote to all my Moji during mojiwar progress. end of the word, cheers friend, have a nice day.

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