When Yeti Goes To Climb Everest

you know ..? besides drawing and reading comics, one of the activities that I really like and could be said also as a hobby is mountain climbing. for some reason I really liked this activity, walking pursue the path, carrying a very heavy burden on back, all to get to a point that is top of the mountain. 
I liked this activity to find out how much physical and mental strength to me. not just it,  was climbing the mountain is also one way for me to relax and eliminate tired in the head. My track record is so far only two mountains which I explored, namely Mount Ciremai and Merbabu. The both of mountain on the Java island, but from all the climbing I found something very valuable that far in my life I didn't get it. is it ..? you'll know if you try. I've got a dream to climb the world's highest peak, that is Everest. I realized it was quite impossible, but will continue to dream to achieve it.

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