August, We Missed you Our Proclaimer Fathers!

August, a month full of meaning for the citizens of Indonesia. because in these months Indonesian citizens are freed from colonial  and gain their independence. exact date of 17 August 1945, the son of the dawn ir. Soekarno declared Indonesia's independence proclamation. therefore determined that the date of August 17 independence day Indonesia. is the both of person of son of the dawn Ir . Sukarno and Mohammad Hatta, two important proclaimer brought  this country into the bright sunshine east. I was born when the country was prosperous really miss both of this figure, the figure of people like them who desperately needed to Indonesia today. we miss you're, our proclaimer fathers!.

follows a bit' profile of them, quoted from wikipedia :

Ir. Soekarno 

Sukarno, born Kusno Sosrodihardjo (6 June 1901 – 21 June 1970) was the first President of Indonesia.
Sukarno was the leader of his country's struggle for independence from the Netherlands and was Indonesia's first President from 1945 to 1967. He was forced out of power and replaced by one of his generals, Suharto, and remained under house arrest until his death.
The spelling "Sukarno" is frequently used in English as it is based on the newer official spelling in Indonesia since 1947 but the older spelling Soekarno is still frequently used, mainly because he signed his name in the old spelling. Official Indonesian presidential decrees from the period 1947–1968, however, printed his name using the 1947 spelling. The Soekarno–Hatta International Airport which serves near Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia for example, still uses the older spelling.
Indonesians also remember him as Bung Karno or Pak Karno. Like many Javanese people, he had only one name; in religious contexts, he was occasionally referred to as 'Achmed Sukarno'.

Mohammad Hatta

Mohammad Hatta (12 August 1902 - 14 March 1980) was born in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia). He was Indonesia's first vice president, later also serving as the country's Prime Minister. Known as "The Proclamator", he and a number of Indonesians, including the first president of Indonesia, Sukarno, fought for the independence of Indonesia from the Dutch. Despite his efforts to gain Indonesian independence, he studied in the Netherlands from 1921 until 1932. Moreover, since his early education, he studied in Dutch schools in Indonesia.
Mohammad Hatta is often remembered as Bung Hatta ('Bung' is an affectionate title used to address colleagues, popular in the early 1900s and is still used by Indonesians).

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