Tuti Dress Up Flash Interactive Games Release

finally ... my first flash interactive games releases learn while making for 3 days. there are still many shortcomings here and there, like I did not add menu / front page game. yes this is the results of my learning about adobe flash for 3 days. I am quite happy with this, enjoy!
Characters : my beloved Tuti!
software : Adobe Illustrator CS4 (create a character, the clothes, background, and other graphics) Adobe Flash CS3 (the process of making games and animations)
backsound : Hayate no Gotoku! Character Sanzenin Nagi [Kugimiya Rie] - Dame!
how to play : drop and drag clothes to the character (in the direction you want to go), please feel free make your own version of Tuti. hope you like it :D
where to play : here and here

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