OC re-colored : KrisdaPutri

This is my old work which I re-colored in photoshop CS3.. i love indonesian girl! especially java's girl!! :D :D :D. I spent many hours in the fishnet and "batik" patterns that i make it self on her clothes (--").
follows a little bio and a story about this character :

Name : Krisdaputri
sex : female
age : 24
occupation : assasin
team/organization : broken wing assasin

This girl was born in Solo city, Indonesia. and Assassin is her job. He was born in a small farming village in the western part of solo city. the both of her parents killed by mysterious killer when she was aged Five years. for that he chose the path of Assassin to find who's kill of her parents and compile plans revenge. she wore a "keris" in the fight against the enemy. she's "keris" is a legacy of the master who adopt her with her younger sisters when both her parents had been murdered. the way of her fights is the teachings of the master. this time he wandered alone and join in an Assassin organization. she roam left the three her younger sister to the her master, and went to meet demand client to kill in the organization that her attended. although so, she chose a client requests that come asked her to kill someone. if the target deserved to be killed, he would not hesitate to kill target. all this she did to keep and fend the three her younger sister and seek who killed both of her parents.

mungkin betisnyah terlalu besar yah -_- . jangan tanya soal namanya yah... saya bingung mau ngasih nama apaan...hwahwahwahwa :D :D :D.

my old work for this character
click this link for large image

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